Unlocking liquidity in the multi-billion dollar crowdfunding industry

Introducing Open Order Book...

Horizon’s flagship Securities Exchange Software powering the next generation of crowdfunding marketplaces around the globe

  • Next generation smartphone trading app for today’s investor​
  • Real time trades and settlements
  • Transparent, best bid/offer orderbook and execution
  • Programmed investor protections
  • Streamlined KYC/AML compliance integrations for frictionless onboarding
  • Cryptographically secure trading with investors in charge of all movement of their securities​
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technology platform

We started with frictionless secondary trading and worked backwards from there.

Securities offering technology solutions

Secondary trading solution

Automate compliance

Secondary trading solution

Streamline capital raising

Secondary trading solution

Offer liquidity assurance

Secondary trading solution

Increase transparency



Securities Offering Platform

  • Issue Reg CF and Reg A+ securities tailored to your business model and relevant regulatory requirements
  • Streamline the capital raising process with support from team of proven technologists, Wall Street veterans and JOBS ACT pioneers
  • Leverage additional compliance features from the Horizon KYC, AML, Custody, and Secondary Trading integrated platform
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KYC Compliance Solutions

  • Onboard and verify investors through a high-tech, high-touch smartphone app branded to your company
  • User friendly app made available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • No third-party access to sensitive data
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custody for transfer agents


AML software


AML Software

  • Continually screen users against a proprietary database of global sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and watchlists
  • Regulator-aligned due diligence process with increased accuracy, reduced false positives
  • Clear and manage individuals through user-friendly web portal
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custody for transfer agents

Cap table management for Transfer Agents

  • Enable your transfer agent or registrar to manage securities, pay dividends, and make ATS-trading transfers for investors’ crowdfunding securities
  • Integrated KYC/AML compliance checks on investors with an audit trail that checks have been performed
  • Seamlessly move securities from custody to any Horizon-powered, regulated secondary trading venue for compliant secondary trading
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custody for transfer agents


Electronic securities exchange software


Electronic Securities Exchange Software

  • Open Order Book unlocks secondary market liquidity for issuers and their investors with a global network of accessible trading venues
  • Next generation smartphone trading app for today’s investor with integrated investor protections
  • Open Order Book integrates with Horizon’s in-house suite of KYC/AML investor onboarding, and cap table management solutions for streamlined capital raising
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Tech Stack

Secondary trading solution

Work with the Reg CF and Reg A+ securities software experts at Horizon.

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